I understand that a non-refundable and non-transferable full payment is required within five working days of booking. We are also happy to take bookings by e-mail, which will then be reserved for five working days subject to a booking form and payment being received within that period.

I understand that should I withdraw my booking within twenty-eight days of the course start date, for whatever reason, I shall be liable for the full course fee (if we are able to fill your space then we will relax these conditions but this is not a given and relies on others wanting to attend in your place and the full course ratio being met).

I understand that it is highly recommended that I take out insurance to cover the eventuality of me not being able to attend the course, as well as in case of personal accident or injury and to cover the loss of belongings.

I understand that I am fully responsible for all administration and other requirements as set out by and the SRSA/RSD/ABC for attending my chosen course. This includes ensuring that I comply with all criteria set out for attending both training and assessment courses. If these requirements are not met by the start date of my course, I may be unable to take part and no refund of any course fees paid will be available. I understand that I may consult with and the SRSA/RSD/ABC at any point to clarify any queries.

I understand that SRSA/RSDcourses must run at a suitable ratio. Should this not be met I shall be offered an alternative date or receive a full refund. I understand that this cancellation may be at short notice.

I understand that, in the event of a course being cancelled or postponed, any refund given will be of the course fees paid by me and will not include any extras incurred such as accommodation and travel expenses.

I understand that should I not be able to arrive at the start point for any element of my course for whatever reason, including poor health, family issues, weather issues, road closures or other transport problems, or the SRSA/RSD/ABC will not be liable for any refunds or transfer of dates.

Although every effort is made to make the course safe, and the SRSA/RSD/ABC, its associated instructors and any venues used, are under no liability whatsoever in respect of any personal loss or injury that I or others named on my booking form may sustain.

I understand that any equipment that I provide will be safe, fully up-to-date, have been inspected by a competent person and will not have any known issues. I also understand that any equipment loaned to, or used by me, having been supplied by and the SRSA/RSD/ABC, will be used with the understanding that, although it will have been stringently inspected and the findings recorded, breakages and failures of equipment can happen and, in this very unlikely event, no liability for any resultant accident, injury or loss will be placed on and the SRSA/RSD/ABC.

I understand that, as part of my course, I will often be working with another course participant/s. Although all possible effort is made to prevent accidents occurring, and the SRSA/RSD/ABC will not be liable should another course participant cause injury or loss to myself or others named on the booking form.

I agree to abide by any decisions made and the SRSA/RSD/ABC and its associated instructors as regards the safety of course participants.
I understand that for SRSA/RSD courses my details will be entered onto the SRSA/RSD/ABC database for course certification and for qualification retention records.

I am aware that my course will contain an element of risk, that I am fit enough to work at height for a prolonged period of time and that I do not knowingly have any issues or conditions which will prevent me from safely doing so.

If I am making this booking on behalf of other participants named on the form, I understand that it is my duty to ensure that they fully understand, and agree to, these booking conditions.

By submitting the booking form, I fully agree to all the conditions above.