Pete is Technical Advisor to a number of climbing centres and provides advice to many more. This service can include a number of areas such as:

⦁ staff training;
⦁ operating procedures;
⦁ risk analysis documentation compilation and revision;
⦁ route setting;
⦁ equipment checks;
⦁ advice on expansion and forward planning

We have many contacts within the industry and can therefore use our knowledge and experience to great effect in many areas of the climbing wall environment.

Don’t hesitate to email us should you need any further information

We can offer Climbing Wall Instructor and Climbing Wall Development Instructor training and assessment courses.  We can also offer the Indoor Climbing Assistant award.  If you are interested in any of those then click here.  Please feel free to email us for further details.

Technical advice and staff training

Scottish Route Setting Association

Technical Advice

Climbing Wall Inspections